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The Essentials of Making an Investment Proposal

written by Carl Ottersen.

First published March 21, 2014

This short book is designed to cover all the key essential elements of making an Investment Proposal to raise finance from private and public investors, both the proposal document itself and the presentation of it.

Although made with the owners and directors of small and medium enterprises in mind, it it equally valid for people wanting to make project proposals or launch new ventures and initiatives.

A subject like this, by its nature, is technical; we have done our best to keep jargon and terminology to an acceptable minimum. In part because we want to take you into to mind of the potential investor so you understand what drives investor decisions: in part because investment proposals are less about ratios and more about assessment and judgment – qualitative aspects of appraisal, not quantitative ones.

If you are a professional financial analyst or investment manager, nothing in this book should be of surprise to you; you might even criticize for its intellectual ‘lightness’.

If you are an entrepreneur or general manager, who needs to find investment and needs to be briefed, simply and quickly, on the process and activities that form part of making an investment proposal, without getting overly detailed in financial jargon at this stage, then this is the book for you. …

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